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Shhhh… Listen! Have You Heard The Sounds Of Flashy Cars In Dubai?


A visit to Dubai won’t be memorable without taking a glimpse at the streets of the most insane cars ever built for mankind. You think you can only see the Bat car in the movies? Think again! Dubai has more than that to offer in a regular, day-to-day manner. If you want to immerse your ears on the incredible sounds of flashy, racing cars, then head on to Dubai World Trade Center on November 10-14, 2015. Enjoy five days of madness at the Dubai International Motor Show and you will witness more than 15 global automobile launches. Chances are you will get to see these five of the flashiest cars ever seen in Dubai.

1- FERRARI FF/ Estimate: $295,000


Being Ferrari’s first four-wheel drive car, other supercars will easily look at this gem as their tough rival. Why? Aside from its unique shooting-brake profile, the acceleration of this model goes from zero to 62mph in 3.7 seconds only.


2- ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM/ Estimate: $480,175


Luxury, classic British styling, push-button doors, and comfortable rides- these are only some of the many features this elite automobile offers. Another pride is its fuel economy, at 11mpg in city riding and 19mpg at highways.


3- MERCEDES BENZ MCLAREN SLR/ Estimate: $620,000


Boasting of top speed at 216mph, this one’s for adrenaline rushing, cross country drives that ensure your comfort, security and safety. If you fancy a furious and luxurious ride, this is the go-to automobile.


4- PORSCHE 918 SPYDER/ Estimate: $845,000


Known for performance and efficiency, this hybrid car accelerates at 62mph in just seven seconds! Top speed? A whopping 93mph! Steering wheel controls have five drive modes as well.


5- LAMBORGHINI VENENO ROADSTER/ Estimate: $3.3 million


In just 2.9 seconds this fast car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/hr. How is that for speed? It has an extremely fast shifting ISR transmission with five modes. In 2014, only nine units were built thereby making it one of the most exclusive automobiles in the market. It has a mind blowing performance that fits an open racing prototype.

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