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Luxury Automakers with Insane Brands not Related to Cars

Owning a luxury car spells lavish L-I-F-E-S-T-Y-L-E. If you have one, that luxury car is one good reminder that you have worked so hard and accomplished a lot in life. From hundreds of thousands to millions in dollars, there are a wide array of luxury cars that fit your personality and lifestyle to choose from the best automakers in the world.

What if you have only hundreds or thousands of dollars to spare? Not that big amount of money by the millions to purchase luxury cars? Perhaps, you can only afford to rent one? We’re sure you can afford these interesting brands associated with the world’s best luxury automakers.



General Motors has three licensed merchandise websites that give the automaker almost $4 billion in annual sales. Merchandise range from men, women and children’s apparel; home, office and garage furniture; to racing or golf wear, travel luggage, and glassware.

Perhaps the most familiar, the Hummer Cologne for Men by Elizabeth Arden comes in various scents and enjoys positive product reviews. Old school personalities love its woody slash spicy fragrance.


Ferrari follows the list with more than 68 brand licenses ranging from clothing, accessories, watches to home and office merchandise. They have 30 merchandise stores in 14 countries that contribute almost $3 billion in annual sales. They sell designer watches, leather tablet and mobile covers, home and office collectibles, Gran Turismo sunglasses, and more.



The Bentley Collection showcases “for her” and “for him” apparel, gift items, model cars, ride on models for small boys and girls, leather goods, handbags and more.

One of the most popular is Bentley for Men, a fragrance that took inspiration from its car’s fine leather and exquisite wood scent.



Did you know that there is such thing as a Porsche Fashion Line? A consistent presenter in the New York Fashion Week, they keep prices high and collections limited to keep the brand’s image of luxury. They have racing shirts, watches, beach wear, home and office supplies, model cars, and sunglasses. If beach clothing is what you fancy for your girlfriend, buy her their sexy racing tops and skirts, flip flops, and dresses.

Have a fancy perfume from any of the brands mentioned? They might go well with our luxury vehicles for rent. So send us your details now!

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