Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce Wraith

Power. Style. Drama This is Grand Touring redefined for the modern-day seeker. Restless in spirit, confident in style. When experiences are the only currency by which success should be measured, Wraith combines Power, Style and Drama for the ultimate GT encounter. The romantic notion of Grand Touring ends here. Wraith is a motor car that goes beyond what is expected. What is known. It delivers a truly unmistakable, spirited drive unlike any other. This is new world beauty with GT brawn.

Unapologetic. Unrivalled. Singular.

The Rolls-Royce brand has always been obsessed with pursuing the utmost in luxury and comfort.

Experience the next level of driving with Rolls Royce car rental in Dubai from the premiere name in the car hire business – Bravo Luxury Car Rental.

Rolls-Royce car rental in Dubai, made easy, fast, and affordable for you

Bravo is a car rental company with a singular vision: to offer customers the most diverse array of luxury auto rental options in the city, packaged in the most easily accessible payment plans today. And no automobile brand represents luxury better than the Rolls-Royce.

An extreme obsession with bespoke car making has elevated the Spirit of Ecstasy beyond a mere automobile. From design to creation, every vehicle is made to be absolutely perfect – the seamless stitching on the soft leather finish, the intricate wood interior detailing, the intelligent dashboard design, and even the satisfying rumble of the finely tuned engine underneath the hood.

Each detail adds up to create a smooth and luxurious driving experience, and each driving experience is unique on its own. Whether you are cruising the city streets of Dubai in a Rolls-Royce Ghost or exploring the long roads of the UAE in a Phantom, you will feel the unmistakable mark of British and Italian sensibility in the silky-smooth handling, the feathery suspension, and the beautiful bespoke interiors.

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Our garage is home to some of the most desirable models to ever come from the Spirit of Ecstasy, including the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Dawn, and Wraith. To deliver a truly premium experience, we can chauffeur your desired vehicle to your choice location anywhere in Dubai or the UAE, whether it’s the hotel where you stay or the restaurant you want to dine in.

Additionally, we have a full-time customer support team on hand ready to assist you.

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